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360° juniors is a preschool of 21st century, that in brief is the genesis of 360° juniors that took, its first baby step in 2018, safe and secure from day one; bubbling with energy, wonderful workable ideas and grit to make it through, the school has grown from strength to strength. Where child is inspired to learn and come there because they love it and not because the have to.

360° juniors is committed to provide the best quality education & mentor them to be versatile human beings by exposing them to various walks of life, global best practices and innovative initiatives, thus get them ready to take up challenges of life & all of with multi languages. Backed on dedication, quality orientation, hard work & passion for education & exploring limit to rural India of 360° juniors team, once a discussion of just four housewife’s is today a large family of Children, Parents, Staff and Associates.

As early childhood education is the basic need for the society and country as well, thus we have developed the global syllabus for their great future and for India’s super next generation with Vivekananda Education Network (VEN). VEN, Educational vintage since 21 years in schooling, Research and development, digital supports, workshops, seminars, webinars, camps and vacation activities, carrier guidance, admission development and much more in multi languages for more then 125+ k-12 Schools.

A Research done by Harvard proves that, “Over all early learning experiences in local language in pre-school and kindergarten have a marked impact on overall life success.”




To establish an unique value and cultural based pre-schools chain that is offering a powerful foundation to the children with an indian mind,an indian heart and indian soul parallel to latest educational methodology and technology at affordable cost and near to home even in rural india.


1. To conduct regular research for quality education at pre-school education in local languages.

2. To Fulfill the demand and supply gap of organized pre-school in india.

3. To integrate exceptional processes,which creates and iconic franchise model,that offers complete and unique services to the     stackholders.


The Mascot of 360° Juniors symbolizes the characteristic of ma Naughty, clever & 360° developed child. The Name CHUTKEE, Squirrel is tree huggers, aerial acrobats, and infamous hoarders. They are also the proverbial uninvited guests to the dinner party.

CHUTKEE represents the various attributes of liveliness, adapting change, performance, early to bed and early to rise & joy. Our Mascot is our message, where we wish our children to have such traits in them. Our curriculum, approach & activities confide the child to face their challenge' and' enjoy their life in a better way and keep on learning new things to get on the leader's path.

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