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Learn as you play!

At 360° juniors pre-primary school, the Curriculum comprises of a balanced blend of the renowned Montessori Method, Waldorf Approach, High Scope Approach, Bank Street Approach, and Reggio Emilia Approach.

Our international curriculum integrated with Indian ethnicity has been designed exclusively for an 360° all-round holistic developmental goals as physical, social, intellectual, educational, spiritual and emotional. These are the best ways of utilizing the utmost curiosity of children during their age. These are the best ways of utilizing the utmost curiosity of children during their age.

Brand name itself suggest quality pre-school education with 360° development for creating value, voice and vision right from childhood.

With our CKCR pattern the whole syllabus is done with the perfect combinations of the above approaches and developemental areas.

Our first ‘C’ means Curiosity

To develop the curiosity in child we give that type of activity to input by our 5 sences(panchendriya)our child educational specialist have develop the activites which can help them to develop curiosity in child

Our second ‘K’ means Knowledge

by 5 sences the mind get knowledge and accept it as object and store the as image and retrieve when need to fulfill this all process in a child our team had develop some type of worksheets and activities to accept,store and retrieve.

Our third ‘C’ is Creativity

when child get the knowledge perfectly they use the knowledge every time when needed our team had organize that type of activity so that they have to use their achieved knowledge and experiment of it so that they developed creativity by using their achieved knowledge time and time.

Our last ‘R’is Regularity

our little juniors got knowledge by experience not by forcefully so they use it every time and everywhere by their creativity they do more experience and got new knowledge and they will do continue the process of learning for lifetime so they got Regularity.

360° overall development

Montessori Approach:

We have extracted 4 things from the Montessori Approach. Our this approach focuses on 4 things such as Sensorial/ Training the senses (vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell), Repetition of exercises/Recapitulation of activities, Subjects such as Routines, personal care, good manners, cultural studies and arithmetic, order in environment i.e. classification and arrangement of toys in activity room.

High- Scope Approach:

From the High- Scope Approach, we have extracted few concepts such as we make child believe that the power to learn resides in the child, children’s independence is promoted, Children learn from experiences i.e. Beyond the classroom learning and lastly, Language & Literacy of the child through Act and Express Spot, Picture and Object talks etc.

Bank Street Approach:

We at 360° juniors Playschool, we have extracted important concepts of development and interaction from the Bank street Approach which consists of making our toddler an explorer, here the teacher encourages the process of discovering and understanding through the Discovery Spot.

Reggio Emilia Approach:

Here, we initiate parental involvement through our program “Parents as Partners” where we orient our parents through Orientation Program (POP) and Parent Partnership Meet (PPM). Also, we involve parents in school activities and contests. We also document all their learning and development through Assessment Register, Teacher’s Diary and My Learning Ladder.

Waldorf Approach:

Here there is overall development i.e. development of Body, Soul and Spirit which are inculcated through Clay Modeling, Cooking activities, Physical activities, Role Plays, Drama, Drawing, Story Telling, etc.

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